Founding the Club

In May of 2007, and again in May of 2008, Guenter L. and Dan C. set up a table at the Craft Fair at the Highland Adult Activities Center where they hoped to identify people who would like to form a coin collecting interest group (as well as stamp collecting, travelogue, and genealogy interest groups) at the Center. Because there wasn’t much interest in a coin collecting interest group at the Center, they decided to form a coin club that would draw members from numerous communities in the Huron Valley.

With the help of coin dealers John M. (who had a local coin store and wanted to start a club focusing on numismatic education) and Chuck S., they brought about a dozen people together for an organizational meeting at the Center on October 23, 2008. In subsequent monthly meetings, with John doing the work of the Chair, Chuck doing the work of the Program Chair, Chuck’s wife Darlene doing the work of the Secretary/Treasurer, and tax preparer Karla G. consulting, the group created a constitution and by-laws (using material available from the American Numismatic Society), secured a tax payer ID number, opened a bank account at Huron Valley State Bank, and rented a post office box in Highland Township. All the while, they flooded the area with flyers advertising the club

On November 9, 2009, with a membership of 22, the club elected its first officers and board members: Chair – Jim M., Program Chair – Chuck S., Secretary/Treasurer – Darlene S., and Board Members – Mike B., Dave E., Ken G., and Guenter L..

Charter Members

Fred B., Mike B., Elmer B., Randy C., Dan C., Chris C., Dave E., Ken G., Max G., Milo G., Chris H., Karl K., Gary K., Guenter L., John M., Jim M., Chris O., Al R., Glen R., Larry R., Chuck S., Darlene S..

HVNS Firsts

November 21, 2009: HVNS puts on its first coin show (coordinated by Chuck S.)

• December 2009: HVNS joins the Michigan State Numismatic Society (MSNS)

• February 2010: the HVNS web site goes up (created by Jim M.)

• April 2010: HVNS has an auction at a meeting (with Chuck S. as auctioneer).

• July 2010: HVNS makes Ray D. an honorary member

• May 2010: HVNS creates a loan library of numismatic books

• July 17, 2010: HVNS participates in the Summer Hobby Showcase at Highland Township Public Library (coordinated by Guenter L.)

• November 2010: HVNS produces an elongated cent for the 175th  Anniversary of Highland, MI (designed by Pam G.  and rolled by  Ray D.)

• November 2010: HVNS prints business cards for members’ use  (designed by Pam G.)

• January 2011: HVNS gives an attendance prize at a meeting (coordinated by Chris H.)

• April 2011: HVNS sets up a National Coin Week display at the  Highland Township Public Library (coordinated by Guenter L.)

• April 2011: HVNS co-hosts the MSNS 55th Spring Convention at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dearborn, MI (coordinated by Jim M.)

• March 20, 2011: HVNS joins the Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS)

• April 19, 2011: HVNS presents “Coin Collecting: A Family Hobby” at the Highland Township Public Library (coordinated by Mike H.)

• April 2011: HVNS participates in the CSNS Speaker Program sharing speaker Wendell W. with the Flint Flying Eagle Coin Club (coordinated by Chuck S.)

• July 2011: HVNS conducts a Boy Scout Coin Collecting Merit Badge  workshop (coordinated by Guenter L.)

• July 2011: HVNS creates a wooden nickel commemorating  the  Huron Valley Civil War Sesquicentennial  (coordinated by Mike H.)

• November 2011: HVNS participates in the CSNS Library Book Program by donating numismatic books to local libraries in honor of deceased members (coordinated by Guenter L. and Ken G.)

• December 2011: HVNS has a holiday dinner meeting

• February 2012: HVNS co-hosts the Polish American Numismatic  Society (PANS) coin show (coordinated      by Jim M.).

• March 2012: HVNS conducts a coin appraisal night at the Highland Township Public Library (coordinated by Chuck and Darlene S.)

• March 2012: HVNS gives club polo shirts to all members (coordinated  by Ken G.)

• July 2012: HVNS has a summer picnic meeting (coordinated by  Darlene S. and Andrea B.)

• April 2013: HVNS joins the American Numismatic Association (ANA).

• March 13, 2013: HVNS welcomes a young Numismatist, Cy J., as a speaker.

• December 2013: HVNS sponsors the first place prize for the "U.S. Paper Items" exhibit classification at the MSNS fall convention

• March 2015: HVNS issues Membership cards.  (coordinated by Jim M.)

• January 2016: HVNS sponsors “Fantasy Coin Investment” League (coordinated by Ernie N.)

• May 2016: HVNS puts a Milford Tokens and Medals exhibit in the Milford Historical Society Museum.




(M) means HVNS member