Boy Scout Coin Collecting Merit Badge

The Huron Valley Numismatic Society

will present it’s 6th annual coin collecting merit badge  workshop on Wednesday, February 17, 2016,

6:30-9 pm, at the Highland Activity Center,

209 John St, in Highland, MI.

( one block west of Milford Rd, between M59 and Livingston Rd in Highland)

The society will be able to give assistance with information and examples, for the merit badge

candidate to fulfill their requirements. Please come prepared to show any of your completed

requirements, written and collected. For further information please contact

Guenter Loepertz, coordinator for the workshop at 248-529-6646 or .

There is no pre-registration, however please do inform us if you are planning to attend. A map is available at

Hope to see you there.

HINTS and Answers to your questions!

Huron Valley Numismatic Society

Coin Collecting Merit Badge workshop, 17 February, 2016

Highland Activity Center, 209 John St, Highland

The workshop is free to any boy scout seeking to attain the Coin Collecting Merit Badge. The workshop serves two purposes.

1. For the scout starting the badge, mentors are there to assist in helping the scout get started with the requirements of the badge, as well as signing off any requirements that the scout has completed. Reference materials will be available to assist the scout. The mentors will NOT do the requirements, as it is the scout who is EARNING the badge, however they will be able to direct the scout in the proper direction to complete the requirements. For the scout who completes the requirements, there will be two merit badge councilors in attendance to sign off for the badge. Scouts will need to bring their badge workbooks, and all materials needed to show they have completed any requirement.  That includes any collections for the badge.

2. For the scout who is completing the badge, only to have to demonstrate their knowledge and other requirements, the mentors will check off on the completed requirement, as well as answer any questions the scout may have related to a particular item in the requirement. The MB councilor will sign off for the badge, after all requirements have been completed.

3. Hints:

For Requirement 1, 2, 3, - use a State quarter to demonstrate what is required

For Requirement 5 & 8– Catalogs, magazines, will be at the workshop to familiarize oneself, also check your local library for materials.

Requirement 10 – Unless you have visited a mint with your family or school, you will be hard pressed to talk about your visit, however, search for a possible virtual walk through a mint on the internet for 10a.

For 10b, there are several clubs in the general area, go on and check in the clubs section for possible location and time, the HVNS meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, so on Jan. 13th and Feb 10th are still possible, 7pm, Highland Activity Center, 209 John St, Highland, or one closer to yourself.

For 10d – Use the Red Book from the library, you will find necessary coins in the book to copy, or other related books.

For the badge collections in general, we have a limited number of folders available (20) which are suitable for all collection requirements of the badge, and they are available free of charge at our meetings coming up.

The scout must bring with him the blue merit badge application card from the scoutmaster or advancement chairman from the troop, filled out with name, troop number, and other items to be filled out by the scout. For anyone not completing the badge that evening, we will make arrangements for the following HVNS meeting on March 9th or the coin show on March 19th at the HAC for the scout to come in and complete the badge.

If you have any further questions – please call me at 248 529 6646 or send me an email at


Thank you

Guenter Loepertz,

Coordinator for the workshop.