Huron Valley Numismatic Society

Member Code of Ethics

(Adopted 03-12-2014)

 Membership in the Huron Valley Numismatic Association (HVNS) is a privilege not a right, and it can be maintained unless the Officers and Board of Directors determines by a two-thirds vote that the conduct of a member has been such that it is in the best interest of HVNS to terminate his/her membership. For the guidance of its members, this Member Code of Ethics has been adopted by HVNS. 

 An HVNS member shall:

- Support and be governed by the HVNS Constitution.

- Conduct his/herself courteously and constructively before, during and after club meetings and events, and conduct his/herself at all times so as to bring no reproach or discredit to HVNS or impair the prestige of the members.

- Neither buy nor sell numismatic items of which the ownership is questionable nor make knowingly false statements about a coin, token, or medal.

- Fulfill all oral or written contracts, make prompt payments upon delivery of an item, return immediately items that are not satisfactory, and take immediate steps to correct errors made by him/her in transactions.